Smarter Mobility, Smarter City!

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‘Smarter city made by Mobility Innovation.’

Through AI (Artificial Intelligence), robotic engineering, big data, and
IoT (Internet of Things), the fourth industrial revolution is dramatically
changing our daily lives.

From flying drone taxi, autonomous driving solution, MaaS (Mobility as
a Service) to innovative logistic system!

Meet up with the leading companies in innovative technologies and
services of the future transportation and mobility industry at
Seoul Smart Mobility Expo 2021.

The future you dream of is becoming real!

Come see and experience the future with more convenient mobility
services created for a better lifestyle!

We cordially invite all of you to join us in Seoul Smart Mobility Expo
2021 which is not only for those in the mobility industry but to all
members of the public who would like to experience future mobility first

Keynote Speech

Technological Innovation for Future Mobility

To create a better tomorrow for people through improved transportation, Hyundai Motor Group aims to become a smart mobility solution provider that offers comprehensive solutions by combining mobility devices and services, and thereby lead the future of mobility. We are actively engaging in development, investment, and collaboration for relevant technologies to secure our lead in eco-friendly transportation such as electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles, etc., and other various mobility devices such as those involving autonomous driving, robotics, UAM, etc. We are also building up our capacities to develop relevant services that are based on our own integrated platform and data. This keynote speech will discuss the detailed direction and current status of the points above.TimeThursday, June 10, 2021;

10:00 ~ 10:30VenueT2 1F Conference Hall



Executive Vice President,
R&D Planning & Coordination Tech Unit,
R&D Division,
Hyundai Motor CompanyView more

Air Mobility as the next generation of transportation

Air Mobility, which the Hanwha Systems is working on, is the next generation of transportation as it can solve both environmental pollution and traffic congestion caused by cars in the city.
Hanwha’s ultimate goal is to provide the next generation of transportation that is as affordable as taxis and can be accessible anytime and anywhere through the use of exhaust-free electric propulsion engines in a three-dimensional space free of any traffic jams.
To this end, Hanwha is investing in an American company called Overair, a leading UAM aircraft developer, to commercialize the relevant services after 2025.
With the differentiated, high-performance, high-efficiency aircrafts, we plan to deliver customer-centric Air Mobility services. We also plan to expand our infrastructure capacity by incorporating radar and communication technologies obtained through our defense projects over the past 40 years with the low-orbit satellite antenna technologies secured through our recent acquisitions and investments.
We will do our best to accelerate the advent of the Air Mobility era by developing core technologies and activating strategic investments in global strong small businesses equipped with core technologies, to ensure we can secure sustainable growth structures as early as we possibly can.

TimeThursday, June 10, 2021; 10:30 ~ 10:45VenueT2 1F Conference Hall



Hanwha Systems Co.,LTD.View more

Towards Intelligent and Sustainable Future Mobility

Mercedes-Benz is developing and introducing cutting-edge eco-friendly technologies by pursuing “Electric First” as its strategic goal to achieve carbon neutrality. Mercedes-Benz is also working tirelessly to produce carbon-neutral and sustainable vehicles and secure their supply chains. In addition, Mercedes-Benz’s own MBOS operating system offers consumers an amazing digital experience. Korea is a clear hotspot for future mobility technology, and Mercedes-Benz has been reinforcing its relationship with various partners to develop and purchase the relevant technologies since establishing its R&D center in Seoul in 2014. We look forward to working in more diverse fields in the future with our local partners, including the vibrant startups that will be identified through the Startup Autobahn.TimeThursday, June

10, 2021; 10:45 ~ 11:00VenueT2 1F Conference Hall



Mercedes-Benz COOView more

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